Saturday, 11 July 2009

Pious Reflections

on Different Points of Spirituality,
to Guide Souls that Desire
to Advance in the Love of God.

This little work was published in 1773, with the "Considerations on the Passion." The saintly author wrote on the 8th of September, 1773, in one of his spiritual letters: "Here are two little works, one of which may aid you to meditate on the Passion; I use it myself every day. . . . I also read every day something of the other little work, entitled 'Pious Reflections, etc.' I wish you to do the same; for I wrote it especially for those souls that desire to give themselves entirely to God."
— Rev. Eugene Grimm.

1. The Thought of Eternity
2. We are Pilgrims on Earth
3. God Deserves to be Loved above Everything
4. In order that a Soul may become Holy, it must give itself to God without Reserve
5. The Two Great Means for Becoming Holy--Desire and Resolution
6. The Science of the Saints
7. Our Eternal Safety Consists in Prayer
8. I Must One Day Die
9. Preparation for Death
10. He that Loves God must Love and not Abhor Death
11. Our Salvation is in the Cross
12. How much it Pleases Jesus Christ that we Suffer for the Love of Him
13. Divine Love Conquers All Things
14. The Necessity of Mental Prayer
15. The Object of Mental Prayer
16. The Mercy of God
17. Confidence in Jesus Christ
18. Salvation Alone is Necessary
19. Perfect Resignation to the Divine Will
20. Happy is He who is Faithful to God in Adversity
21. He that Loves Jesus Christ ought to Hate the World
22. The Words of a Dying Man to Jesus Crucified
23. Acts of Devotion for the Time of Death
24. The House of Eternity
25. Souls Who Love God Desire to Go to See Him in Heaven
26. Jesus is the Good Shepherd
27. The Affair of Eternal Salvation
28. What will be the Joy of the Blessed
29. The Pain of having Lost God will be that which Constitutes Hell
30. Contempt for the World
31. Love of Solitude
32. The Solitude of Heart
33. The Sight and Love of God in the Next Life will Constitute the Joy of the Blessed
34. Meditation before the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar
35. In God Alone is Found True Peace
36. We Ought to Have God Alone as the End of Our Actions
37. We must Suffer Everything in order to Please God
38. Happy is he who Desires Nothing but God
39. Dryness of Spirit
40. The Retired Life
41. Detachment from Creatures
42. Precious is the Death of the Saints
43. Lukewarmness
44. Purity of Intention
45. Aspirations after the Country of the Blessed

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